Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hope is knowing that everything is going to be okay in the end. It motivates you to focus on the positive and ignore the negative in any situation. I have gone through situations where I feel hopeless and it feels like there's nothing I can do to make it okay again. But having hope is something that can save you from that dark place your stuck in. Hope is the light in a room of darkness. It's a decision to have hope or not but the best thing you can do is have it. One situation I was in where I had hope was when my sister had a applied for a scholarship and she didn't think she was going to get it. I told her I thought she was going to get it and we prayed for her to get it. A week later she got it and she was thankful that she did. This is an example of the positive effects of hope.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omela's

The city of Omela's represents us as a whole society. We see the good in the bad, no matter how bad the situation is. We like to see today's society as a good one even though we all know that its not. In the city of Omela's everyone seems to love the city until they come face to face with the negative parts of the city. They kind of realize things for a second but then ignore it in hope that somebody else will fix the problem.The child represents the not so good parts or problems that we have today in our society. It represents the problems we have like homelessness, slavery, human trafficking, etc. When the people face the reality of how things work they try to shut it out because they always had a different picture in mind. When the people in Omela's were told to not speak a word, not even a kind word to the boy, it reminded me of how today were taught to not speak against authority, or people in higher power. We think that its impossible to change things when people in higher places cant even change it. When in reality we are capable of changing things if we unite as a "city" or society. To me what the boy represents is slavery because in our society we know that it is happening but we ignore it. It's happening around the world everyday but there aren't many people that actually take a stand against it. We can take a stand but most of us are afraid of the outcome that will happen afterwards.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

TED Talk On Social Justice

The Ted Talk that caught my attention was,"How we talk about Sexual Assault online." The speakers name is Ione Wells and her like many others experienced sexual assault. She looked like a perfectly normal and ordinary person, but as she started to unfold everything she had gone through I was shocked. She started to share her experience with everyone and I was really inspired by how well she held it together throughout her speech. She talked about how she felt angry about the injustice that happened to her. But somehow that the whole experience has made her into who she is today. She began a movement by the hashtag #notguilty. She reached out to others and told them about her experience and told others to share their experience with no shame. Later within weeks she received thousands of emails and others were inspired by her. Suddenly also friends and family were also sharing their experiences. Her experience may have  destroyed her at first but once she got back on her feet she was better and stronger as a person.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

TED Talk About Happiness

Image result for michael norton ted talk
The TED talk that I watched was pretty interesting. I liked the title and was the one thing that caught my attention. It was titled "How To Buy Happiness." I thought it was interesting because I did want to know how to buy happiness since most of us our unhappy with the amount of happiness we feel. I learned a couple things from the TED talk such as that yes, it is in fact possible to actually buy happiness. He ran a couple experiments in which he gave two people different amounts of money and telling the one with the largest amount of money to spend it on themselves, and told the one with the smallest amount of money to spend it one someone else.  His findings were that the people who spent the money on themselves were at the same level of happiness they were before. But the ones that spent the money on someone else had boosted their happiness including their self esteem. He also talked about the people that win the lottery and how in fact they think that they will be way happier but actually ruins their lives. First they easily spend their money and go into debt and their relationships with others start to dissolve. They dissolve when their family or friends bug them for money and they actually separate themselves from them. Which leads into them also ending up antisocial, which makes them turn selfish for only spending the money on their selves. All these problems could've easily been ignored if we gave more instead of spending it on ourselves.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Something that makes me happy is music. Music is something I can never get tired of and it always affects me in a positive way. I, like other people have gone through difficult times in the past. Music was the first thing I went to because it would almost be therapeutic to me. I chose songs based on my mood and even when I was mad or sad and I played sad or aggressive songs it would always lead to me being happy again. It was like my escape, not having to deal with anything in that moment and only listening to the song I was playing. I could relate to the songs and made me feel better because then I didn't feel alone anymore and I knew that I wasn't the only one going through the same thing. It's a feeling that I never got with any other thing or person, the feeling of relief and confusion . I was able to have the power to stimulate strong emotions within me. I listen to music all day, everyday. Sometimes I think that without music I wouldn't be able to feel any type of emotion. Music is something that makes me happy because it helps me escape reality, helps me gather my thoughts, and helps me with my issues in life.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Image result for cal state laOne person that I know who has grit is my older sister, Dianna. She is currently attending Cal State LA. She's those type of people who won't give up until she gets what she wants. She had immense pressure by my parents when she attended Mount Miguel. She was the oldest girl and she had to set the example for me and my younger sisters. She struggled greatly with her classes since she took AP and Honor classes. It was very hard for her but she overcame all those classes and still got good grades. She earned several awards for her good work and photography skills. She was a really smart girl and she never gave up because she wanted to be the first to graduate in my family. She was a really successful student here at Mount and was close to many teachers. She had big dreams and shes slowly getting there. She really has grit in her and it's something I want to have more of. I'm glad to have her as my sister , she is one of the people who encourage me to do something productive everyday. When I give up, she's there to pick me up. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Image result for judging on appearanceIt's easy to judge others based on appearances. Me myself have done it like any other ordinary person. My story is based on how I misjudged another person based on how they looked. I was around 10 when I was in 5th grade and at school there was a guy who would change his hair color every week different colors, bright. I don't know why but I thought that he was gay and that his parents didn't seem to care about him because my mom told me that she wouldn't let me dye my hair because she didn't want me to damage my hair. I had a feeling that if his parents didn't care, that he had bad grades and that he was the typical careless, bad kid. I never talked to him I felt like he would think that I wasn't really cool like him and so I never would talk to him. The more I saw him The more I wanted to know him. I felt like he was the type of kid to be different and strange but the thing is I loved strange people and things. one day there was the assembly where kids were recognized for being smart or perfect attendance. I remember he got multiple awards which had me shocked because it was the total opposite of what I thought he was. After that I felt bad for thinking I knew how he was or I knew him when I didn't make the time to get to know him. He was the first person who I thought I knew but was wrong. After that I've tried to not read people based upon appearances. But like others, I have.